Saturday, December 1, 2012

Changing Focus

June…the last time I wrote in my blog was June?  Oh boy!  I knew it had been awhile, but six months?  Whoa…  Well, there have been some transitions in my life lately, the kind that take some extra struggle and effort to push through in order to stay on course.  So, since it has been awhile, I suppose now is a great time to change the focus of my blog. 

When I wrote in the past, it was usual randomness, but as of today, December 1, 2012 I have decided to make major changes in my life as the result of the struggles over the past year or so. For most of my life, I’ve not sought direction for my life’s journey.  I’ve kind of wandered…letting life just happen to me.  However, this past year has been a time of recalibration resulting from encouragement and admonishments from a variety of people, a journey to the other side of the world, and taking a class called Perspectives.
The combination of all these things culminated in a decision to make changes because I have growing clarity of not so much where I am going, but who I am following.  That is the person of Jesus Christ. Before you roll your eyes and click out of this blog, let me assure you I am not going to beat you over the head with religion or religious mumbo jumbo.  Rather, I am going to share what is happening in my life right now and how my faith in God has been the catalyst.  It has nothing to do with religion, but has everything to do with finally seeing the truth of the ultimate purpose of my life… that is to glorify God in what I say and do. 

The big question is am I bringing glory to God in my life? Honestly, perhaps some but not to the degree of my potential! God gave me a creative mind, a sense of humor, a flair for writing, a love of words, a capacity to love, an ability to help, the need to collaborate, the enjoyment of entertaining, an interest in other cultures, a heart consoled by music, a passion for purpose which is the desire to have my life count for something…something that matters…something that lasts.  A legacy that is eternal.  Not for me, but for God.  But…I’ve settled. 
Up until the past couple of years, I had settled for less than God’s best for me, sometimes realizing it, sometimes not. Then for a couple years glimmers of changes and glimpses of “maybe if’s” would pop up, but they would not last.  Then, I started working as a homeland missionary.  I had no idea how my first year would be so challenging to literally everything in my life. In addressing those challenges, I found many were interconnected and weaved into my psyche and not so surprisingly into my constant battle with weight issues.  It seems to me the challenge I need to address first is my weight.  There is so much I could write about which is why I am changing the focus of this blog. 

My unhealthiness is as much of a spiritual problem as it is an emotional and physical one. So, my blog is intended to document my weight loss endeavor. By chronicling the spiritual, emotional, and physical battles, my hope is to inspire and encourage others.  Addressing the spiritual problems head-on, I believe I can win the war against my weight. Bringing God into it only makes sense because I already mentioned I want my life to bring glory to God.  Right now, I do not do that by being unhealthy…very unhealthy. Getting real with God is best way to get real about my weight. 
So, my weight loss plan begins with God and prayer. When I pray for help in losing weight, God does not reply with eat right and exercise.  He takes me to places in my life that are painful and difficult. God is revealing the spiritual nature of my battle by taking me into my pain. If I do not address the pain in my life, I will not achieve life-long transformation as I so desire. So it starts with prayer…then eating right and exercise.

As far as diets and exercise programs, there are tons of them and there is a ton of advice.  The advice is as varied as the humans seeking it.  So, I am not following or promoting any particular plan or program for eating or exercise. 

This is my plan:
Pray…talk to God! The best counselor and physician I know of.

Pray…Thank God for my healthy food and eat it with a grateful heart

Pray before and if possible during exercise.  Thank Him for protecting my heart and lungs despite my destructive behavior so I am able to exercise now

Track it all… thank God for successes and failures. Treat failures as learning opportunities. 

Drink plenty of water…thank God I have clean drinking water

Sleep 7-8 hours at night…thank God that I have a bed to sleep on, a pillow for my head, and for a roof over my head.

Read my bible – research what the Bible says on health and poor health.  Thank God that I have the ability to read and to own a Bible.

Find accountability partners willing to be tough and speak truth in love.  Thank God for these people.

Form Online Community – dedicated to prayer!

Pray against the negativity that will come swooping in

Pray against sabotage, direct and indirect

Pray for strength to stand firm in my convictions

Keep my eye on the prize

Pray for the grace to run the race

Defeat negativity by remembering God’s goodness in all things

Seek first the kingdom and His righteousness.  Remember I am doing this for God and not for me.  My improving health is just a by-product of my desire to bring God glory through my life and living it as He intended me to live. 

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