Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fit for a Princess

With the desire to get in shape, I have not wanted to purchase any new clothes, but I am going someplace special tomorrow night. None of my dressy tops fit me as they are too small these days. My dresses have not fit for a while, nor have my skirts. So, since I am going to a Christmas show, I long to wear something feminine and fashionable. Maybe it is a girl thing, but is it wrong to want to feel pretty? Since I have gained so much weight over the years, I feel frumpy and well...ugly and not the least bit feminine at all. With this mindset, it is difficult for me to muster up the will to go above and beyond... presentable.
As I said at the beginning of this post, I am going to a Christmas show, but not just any show, it is a yuletide celebration featuring our city’s symphony. An extravagnza, really. Maybe it is selfish, but perhaps it is my feminine spirit wanting to wear the best I have. Only, my best is not fitting yet. With the desire to wear something pretty tomorrow night, I knew I had a window of opportunity to shop this afternoon. Well, on the way home from a birthday party, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to look.  A good friend of mine gave me a promotional gift card from Kohl's that she got in the mail and was not going to use. It expires today, so...I decided to fight the holiday hustle and bustle and went to Kohl's, just check things out. Even though I had the gift card, my cash flow is low, but I thought maybe I could find something fairly nice on my shoestring budget.

And I did, but I found even more…here is the story:
There it was, hanging up on the wall, a blouse fit for a PRINCESS! The recessed lighting above shone down on the textile marvel and I think I heard the singing of a distant choir. With bated breath, I reached up to see if there would be one for me. And there was! Unable to contain my little gasps of joy, I carefully freed the blouse from the display arm. Holding it out front of me, I admired the colors found only in deep forests and the pattern created by a genius imagination. Delight and elation consumed me as the price captured my vision. It was too good to be true! With haste, I made my way through the maze of garment racks to the price check machine. The sale price was $14.70!? Minus the $10.00 card, my Princess blouse cost me $4.70! I could just cry! The most beautiful princess blouse in the whole entire world is hanging in my bedroom. It is a rare find, a treasure indeed. What a blessing!

I know I bought my current size, but finding this beautiful blouse is more incentive for me to keep on keepin’ on!  I’m tired of feeling frumpy instead of feminine. Since there are more clothes to choose from in the smaller sizes, I hope my inner fashionista rises up, to help motivate me in my weight loss endeavors! As I shrink in size, I hope to have more shopping experiences that turn out to be adventures like today instead of a perfunctory chore.  With God’s help, I can do it!  I want to do it!  Not for the clothes, I want to be the me God intended me to be: healthy and feminine.

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