Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bug - Part 2 - One Sick Puppy

This morning,  I was on the schedule for nursery duty at church, and oh, it was difficult to get out of bed.  I decided to try some cereal to see if that stayed down before getting ready to go.  Showering, brushing my teeth, drying my hair, getting dressed, not matter what I was doing, I hurt everywhere.  It hurt to move.  It hurt even to breathe.  But, I was on the schedule, I had to go.  

I was late.  Not surprising to anyone who knows me well, but today I had a good excuse.  Another couple on the schedule were already there but no kids to be seen.  One little tyke showed up later than I, but he refused to stay in the nursery without his grandpa.  Little tyke and grandpa left.  Well there were three adults and no kids so the director of the kids program said we could go to the service.  Sad to say, but I was very happy there were no kids in the nursery for the 8:30 service.  Even though I was feeling horrible, I started towards the sanctuary.  But, wait!  I had been emancipated from nursery duty.  Normally, I love going to church and enjoy the worship and fellowship, but today, I only went to fulfill my nursery duty because it was too late to find a replacement.  I figured the nursery would be swarming with germs anyway, what would a few more hurt, right?   Perhaps God was looking out for me and the other kids today.  I dunno.  I took it all as a sign that I could go home.

After stopping by the market for some more tomato soup, I was finally home.  Exhausted, I was just plain exhausted.  Seeking solace in my cocoon of covers, I have slept the day away.  I haven't had a stomach ailment like this in a very long time, so I guess I was one sick puppy.  The aches and pains are, for the most part, gone now, but after this episode, I have a new found respect for anyone who suffers from arthritis, fibromyalgia, or any other chronic pain.  It was just 48 hours for me, but it opened my eyes to pain sufferers of the world.  My heart goes out to you!

On a somewhat related note, last night my niece called and invited me to her basketball game.  I have missed her whole season up to this point.  She is on a traveling league and her game today was too far to go for just a little bit and leave.  I sent her a message saying I couldn't go, that I was sorry.  Well, they won their game today!  Hurrah!  They survived another round of their tournament and now I can see her play next Sunday afternoon.  Is God giving me another chance to see my niece play because He is honoring my efforts to go and fulfill my nursery responsibilities this morning?  Maybe, maybe not, but I am very thankful to God that I do get another chance to see her play and also that I am feeling much better  :)  

As soon as I finish this blog and my bowl of tomato soup, I am back to bed.  Tomorrow is a new day and the start of the work week.  There is a lot to be done and I need to be ready for it.  May you have a blessed week!

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