Monday, February 20, 2012

Bug - Part 3 - Relapse

Sleeping Cat by Teodoro S Gruhl
So last night I was feeling pretty good.  However, this morning, BOOM, I felt not so good.  Which quickly turned into really not so good.  Relapse?  I think so.  My error?  Dairy.  At least, that is what I think.  Cheese last night and dairy this morning both seemed to be good options, however, not so good when the stomach is ailing.  Didn't know that.  So I have been dealing with extreme nausea today and a couple other gastrointestinal goodies as well.  Resting, a la cat napping, has consumed most of my day.  Woke up to a text message signal.  Currently, dining on crackers and ginger ale.  Dare I try some broth?  I don't think so.  I hope this bug goes away soon.  My life is waiting... yet for now, so are my blankies.  zzzzzz

"">Sleeping Cat</a> by Teodoro S Gruhl

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